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» four season house 880x520 92M2

Menorca is a project that balances tradition and modernity. The cross railing on the balcony refers to classic highland houses and the large glazing on the ground floor is inscribed with modern architectural trends.
On 92 m2 of surface area you can freely arrange:
- on the ground floor: living room, kitchen and bathroom
- upstairs: 2 large bedrooms and balcony
Additional advantages of Menorca are the atmospheric covered balcony and the spacious front and side terrace, which will give you a place to relax.
Floor area: 92 m2
Roof area: 100 m2
Weight: 7500 kg
House size: 880x520 cm
Ball thickness: 70 mm
Wall height: 340 cm
Top height: 585 cm
Roof slope: 45/45/17°
Door dimensions: Exterior: 120x205 / Interior: 1x81/203, 1x 92/203 cm
Window dimensions: 1x156/105, 1x140x105,1x60x60,1x120/205,1x190/205 cm

Price: 37999 £

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