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» New Panorama

Key features: It has two tall fixed and four double windows Large glass doors as standard Bright and spacious interior Design to allow for design changes Made of solid spruce logs Easy to maintain Cottage available with transport New Panorama is a one-storey summerhouse with a terrace made entirely of high quality wood. As many as three wide windows on the front, together with a fully glazed door, make the cottage perfect for an office with substantial facilities or a sophisticated, well-lit study. Whereas three rooms will allow you to use the interior of Panorama as a summer bedroom or a comfortable and stylish cottage for guests. New Panorama can be erected without building permits. The cottage occupies a width and length of 600x800 cm, of which 580x780 cm not including the construction spears. The walls are 225 cm high and 325 cm at the highest point with a regular thickness of 45 mm. The panorama is covered by a gable roof with a 15o angle of fall and a total area of 58 m2. Both the roof and the floor are made of 19 mm and 28 mm thick planks respectively. The hut is made entirely of durable, high quality spruce, which precise woodworking ensures a perfect fit of subsequent elements to each other and facilitates subsequent maintenance and painting.

Price: 12000 £

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