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» Weekend III

Weekend III holiday home is a place that will perfectly serve for recreation. Spacious and bright interior made of natural wood will allow you to adapt the cottage both as a holiday home, but also for business space. The use of additional options, such as insulation system will additionally enable the use of the house at any time of year. The size of the house makes it possible to build it without any building permits. The external dimensions of the Weekend III bungalow including projections are 800x600 cm. The total usable area of the cottage is 43 m2, of which more than 11 m2 falls on the terrace, the remaining 32 m2 on the living space. The house was made of Scandinavian spruce logs. The structure is erected on 44 mm thick walls. The thickness of the roof board and the floor board are 19 and 28 mm respectively. Digital treatment of the wood makes the elements easy and quick to assemble even by yourself. The area of the cottage is divided into four spacious rooms and a terrace. The largest pass-through room is often used as a living room combined with a kitchenette. The two medium-sized rooms can serve as two separate bedrooms, while the smallest room can serve as a bathroom with a shower. The 6 m wide and 2 m long fully covered terrace will allow you to spend time outdoors even in bad weather. The bungalow is equipped with a large double door with entrance from the terrace and three single doors leading to all rooms inside. To the sides of the front door are two non-opening windows that let light into the living room and one of the bedrooms. The living room has been additionally equipped with a large double-hung window and one smaller window located on the back wall of the building. Both bedrooms also have one tilt and turn single-hung sash window each.

Price: 14500 £

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